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Avadon 3 savegames not transferred from demo to full version

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I already played quite a bit with the Avadon 3 1.0.1 demo for Mac OS, and just purchased the Apple Store version.


How come the full game can't read the savegame files created by the demo? The files are neatly stored under User/Library/AppSupport/Spidweb/Avadon3, so changing the demo binary to the full game shouldn't impact my save games i figured...


Anything I can do to import my demo savegames?




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Saved games from Apple Store are saved:


If you did buy Avadon 3 from the Mac App Store, your games are stored in a special file container created by the operating system. To open it, press Command-Shift-G to Go To Folder, enter "~/Library/Containers/com.spiderwebsoftware.Avadon3/Data/Library/Application Support/Spiderweb Software", and press return. Your saved games are in the folder "Avadon 3 Saved Games." Open that folder and your saved games will be inside, in folders named 'Save0', 'Save1', etc.


Welcome to Spiderware Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You won't need it as you search for saved games. :)

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Hi Randomizer,


Thank you for the info! apologies if I could've found this with the search function as well...

I was able to copy over my save files from the demo location to the app store location and everything works fine!




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