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Porting of BoE creatures, terrain and items

BoE Porting

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Posted 02 October 2016 - 05:54 PM #1 Porting of BoE creatures, terrain and items

Porting of objects (creatures, terrain and items) is based upon the conversion tables. Said tables envisage no customization of any object. This is not helpful when the best scenarios feature a lot of customization of objects.
Currently the tables are hard-coded, written into the Editor program itself. They are found in the header file Bl A Fileio.h.

Porting a heavily customized scenario requires the ability to alter the header file and then compile the program, something not everyone will be familiar with.

Two approaches are possible here:
(1) tables are no longer written into the program. Instead the program reads them from an external file.
(2) tables in the scenario editor are patched by a slab of data, which could be written with a spreadsheet. Actual patching is done by a hex editor. In my last version of the Editor, most of the tables were found after offset 595,423.

Version of Bl A Fileio.h found at the Halls of Chaos SVN repository has been customized for one scenario only: Shadow of the Stranger. This will need to be corrected.

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