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  1. I've done Let's Plays of Avernum, Geneforge, Avadon, and Nethergate, and now it's finally time for me to do a Let's Play of Blades of Avernum! But I'm not just doing the main four scenarios... I'm also doing all of the player-made scenarios! I'm not posting the first episode yet, as I posted a vlog today, but the reason I'm posting this here is because said Vlog talks about BoA. And is also me asking for information from YOU people! Specifically, is there anything I need to know about the available scenarios? Any that should be played in an order, for example, or any I can skip due to being more of a utility? Any information you can give would be appreciated!
  2. Well. That was a thing. https://youtu.be/-k1h53KvIxU
  3. Down we must march, as we deal with foe after foe before us! https://youtu.be/Lb1UZT5Vh38
  4. Well after that unsettling diversion, it's time to march on southwards, to break into Sud Canopy! https://youtu.be/ol7Mw3eEQd8
  5. Well now, this has certainly taken a turn. https://youtu.be/L81Ct_eC4k4
  6. Seriously, who creates a weapon that kills yourself? What is the point? https://youtu.be/G9s_Y-WJv-0
  7. Ah, mages... have I ever mentioned how much I dislike them? https://youtu.be/jX2ScEx_Pis
  8. Onwards and upwards through the tower we go! Man there's a lot of traitors in here... https://youtu.be/5mljGtmjsJk
  9. Onwards we go, moving on to a tower supposedly containing a few traitorous elements. https://youtu.be/_Zfk4rIde7E
  10. Well now, seems Canopy may not be quite what we think it is... https://youtu.be/P7ZooPzc-1U
  11. Actually, the avatar Kass had was another factor, now that I think of it. And for the record, it wasn't JUST the fact that that Slith avatar had that upper part. It was also the way the face and head was structured. Narrower, and more slender than the others. More "Feminine" than the other slith heads. I believe the body was also a bit more slender and less bulky as well.
  12. I swear remembering one game where I tried using it but was unable, or else where the skill was not available to me. Can't remember which one then, though... Back we go into the Bugbear Caverns, to finish off what's left inside. https://youtu.be/xp2B50fWt8Q
  13. Maybe Kass is one of the first Transgender Sliths, just never went into getting gender reassignment surgery, and only changed their name? Seriously though, I think the reason I kept going with "She" was a combination of the voice I'd given Kass, not realizing it was a He for some time, deciding "I'm in this deep not going to go back now", and the name just sounding feminine.
  14. I'm not sure if it's possible to use the Return Life spell while in combat mode, so that's not an option. Further difficult tasks await, alongside a small side detour. https://youtu.be/w5Dej1bkSTg
  15. Okay, I have NO idea how you're intended to survive this. https://youtu.be/iLIYyE69eKw
  16. Ah, a camp full of bugbears, with hidden caves as well. This should be fun to exterminate! https://youtu.be/d-f-GbGbNVY
  17. Around we go, exploring what we can see of North Canopy. https://youtu.be/zIGigxCjRA0
  18. And so we begin Canopy, another large scenario that I admit... has a lot of difficult to pronounce names. https://youtu.be/n5RFiDQkstw
  19. Okay... despite all the frustration and rage last episode things are looking up much more now. https://youtu.be/gbJfy7020_k
  20. Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? https://youtu.be/ZVqF2x_F6M8
  21. A simple request, leading towards a mission of monster slaying. https://youtu.be/PKmQN2AyTF8
  22. Onwards we go into another scenario, as we explore throughout a vale! https://youtu.be/d854EyyOClg
  23. A very short scenario that we complete in one episode this time. It's not TOO bad. https://youtu.be/XZJ8i9lX1yQ
  24. Something I'm fully aware of, and frankly I think the twist of putting it in a fantasy skin makes it a much more unique and interesting thing. There's still clear aspects in it that are obviously sci-fi in origin, and frankly? I feel like the end result is close to a Modern Day Biotech Society. Which you NEVER see anywhere else, short of a half-assed planet-of-the-day thing.
  25. The way I've always seen it, every series had something about it that made it stand out or made it great. Avernum had the setting, location-wise. The underground caves were a fascinating, unique place, and being able to revisit locations in following games and find the map was the same, with occasional new bits, was a delight. Geneforge had the setting, theme-wise. I still say that it is a sci-fi game in a fantasy skin, the overarching story and themes talking about a classing Robot Uprising story with Transhumanism themes. Add in the rarely-seen-before create-your-own-army idea, and the fact that there are almost NO standard fantasy creatures (Aside from drakes, dragons, and eyebeasts), and it's a gem to me. Avadon, in my eyes, has the companion characters and the "no real good choice" moral issues. I never had such problems choosing which option to go with in major decisions, at some points, and it was great to have companions like I did. Sure you could make them in Geneforge, but they didn't have personalities and quests and stories and backgrounds like in Avadon. He may have taken the idea from things like the Bioware RPGs, but it was well-implemented. And Nethergate's thing was its implementation of the various mythologies out there, although admittedly I didn't care about this one as much because I'm not AS deep or knowledgable about such myths. Outside of preference for engine and visuals (Which would throw it into the catagories of "Exile" "Avernum 1-3/Nethergate" "Geneforge/Avernum 4-6" "Avadon/Avernum Remakes") and an opinion of story quality, I think preference for what you want in an RPG like this could contribute to what a person considers their favorite games.