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  1. Yeah, I responded "yes" to that question because my mind immediately went to stuff like sovereign citizens. The percentages are a rough estimate; I could see someone's numbers varying by a dozen or two percentage points based on interpretation, but someone who has +50% in a category is definitely different from someone who has -50% in the same category.
  2. You are a: Communist Pro-Government Non-Interventionist Humanist Liberal Collectivism score: 83% Authoritarianism score: 17% Internationalism score: -17% Tribalism score: -67% Liberalism score: 33% If my initial reaction to a question was "well, that's tricky, innit?", then I put down "Maybe". There were a lot of "Maybe"s.
  3. Not only is that also the way I play CRPGs, but it's the way that we've all been trained to play CRPGs. If you advance the main quest line, you risk losing access to side quests (for a SW example, think moving from one chapter to the next in Avernum 2). So if you're a completionist who wants to see every aspect of a scenario, you paradoxically have to ignore the advice the scenario is giving you.
  4. What if I pronounce the 'ch' in 'archmage' like the 'ch' in 'Bach'?
  5. http://dintiradan.ermarian.net/static/misc/timeline.txt should have everything up to late 2012. I suppose I should update at some point. Also, if anyone has any corrections, please let me know.
  6. All this is messing with my headcanon of Vahnatai sounding like Cockney English and Archaic Slith sounding like Jamaican Patois.
  7. Wait, there's another way to play?
  8. Hi Iffy! Long time no see!
  9. What disappoints me the most about Exodus is that at no point does Legare's wife circumcise their son with a flint knife and drop the foreskin at Legare's feet in order to stave off the wrath of the Goddess. 0/10, worst scenario ever.
  10. Heh, I think I know the reason for this. Bahs was released early on, and there was only a small handful of scenarios that came out before it. One of those was Canopy, which level-wise came between Diplomacy with the Dead and Bahs. Canopy had a collection of (in my opinion, overpowered) magic items, one of which was a very strong bow that did not require ammunition. Since most people played Canopy before Bahs, it's entirely possible that testing was done with parties that had gone through Canopy first. In fact, one of my first interactions with this community was complaining how difficult Bahs was compared to Vogel scenarios, especially for my archer, and being chastised for not playing Canopy first for the bow.
  11. Good things come to those who wait six and a half years. I do actually need beta test reports, if only to illustrate what a beta test report looks like. Specifically, I need someone to find a bug (can you finish the scenario if you leave the hideout without killing the chest goblin?), and someone to make an unreasonable request that I'll turn down.
  12. Hello! I am a new scenario designer and I would appreciate it if people could beta test my first scenario: Pesky Goblins. You can download the latest beta version of the scenario here. If you're able to test, post in the thread, and please PM me your feedback when you're done. Thank you!
  13. "Whoa! Okay! I did not expect that to happen!" I'm really looking forward to the altar fight.
  14. "The Crusaders" by Bain-Ihrno was also released in that time period (I don't know exactly when, but it was an entry in the 10th Design Contest). Just pointing it out in case it's missing on your master list.
  15. Blades Invaders is a hastily made port(ish) of Space Invaders I made, mostly to test out a pathfinding trick. There's no plot or anything; invaders (reskinned goblins) keep spawning on one side of the map and you lose if one reaches the other side. I believe I tested with a melee singleton strong enough to kill goblins with one blow, but whatever works.