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  1. http://dintiradan.ermarian.net/static/misc/timeline.txt should have everything up to late 2012. I suppose I should update at some point. Also, if anyone has any corrections, please let me know.
  2. All this is messing with my headcanon of Vahnatai sounding like Cockney English and Archaic Slith sounding like Jamaican Patois.
  3. Wait, there's another way to play?
  4. Hi Iffy! Long time no see!
  5. What disappoints me the most about Exodus is that at no point does Legare's wife circumcise their son with a flint knife and drop the foreskin at Legare's feet in order to stave off the wrath of the Goddess. 0/10, worst scenario ever.
  6. Heh, I think I know the reason for this. Bahs was released early on, and there was only a small handful of scenarios that came out before it. One of those was Canopy, which level-wise came between Diplomacy with the Dead and Bahs. Canopy had a collection of (in my opinion, overpowered) magic items, one of which was a very strong bow that did not require ammunition. Since most people played Canopy before Bahs, it's entirely possible that testing was done with parties that had gone through Canopy first. In fact, one of my first interactions with this community was complaining how difficult Bahs was compared to Vogel scenarios, especially for my archer, and being chastised for not playing Canopy first for the bow.
  7. Good things come to those who wait six and a half years. I do actually need beta test reports, if only to illustrate what a beta test report looks like. Specifically, I need someone to find a bug (can you finish the scenario if you leave the hideout without killing the chest goblin?), and someone to make an unreasonable request that I'll turn down.
  8. Hello! I am a new scenario designer and I would appreciate it if people could beta test my first scenario: Pesky Goblins. You can download the latest beta version of the scenario here. If you're able to test, post in the thread, and please PM me your feedback when you're done. Thank you!
  9. "Whoa! Okay! I did not expect that to happen!" I'm really looking forward to the altar fight.
  10. "The Crusaders" by Bain-Ihrno was also released in that time period (I don't know exactly when, but it was an entry in the 10th Design Contest). Just pointing it out in case it's missing on your master list.
  11. Blades Invaders is a hastily made port(ish) of Space Invaders I made, mostly to test out a pathfinding trick. There's no plot or anything; invaders (reskinned goblins) keep spawning on one side of the map and you lose if one reaches the other side. I believe I tested with a melee singleton strong enough to kill goblins with one blow, but whatever works.
  12. Hey, don't sell yourself short. You don't write Tumblr-level poetry. You write Wordpress-level poetry. (I had the benefit of reading We before I had read or even heard of 1984 and the like. Literally just picked it off the shelf because it had an intriguing title and cover art. Was not at all what preteen me was expecting but I still enjoyed it. Probably should do a reread at some point.)
  13. I agree. Make sure you catch Dallerdin's Scenario, though.
  14. The discussion about whether to vote at all, coupled with ADoS's chess analogy made me wonder: is it possible for voting to be zugzwang? I'd say it certainly is in situations where you hold all candidates in equal enough esteem that it isn't worth the effort to vote. Personally, I don't vote for school board trustees in municipal elections: I've never been in the public school system(s), the children I don't intend on having won't be attending the public school system(s), and I'm simply not informed enough about the candidates. But in all other cases, I feel it would be in people's best interest to vote. Especially in the States, where aside from voting for presidential candidates (whom you might hold in equal (lack of) esteem), you're voting for other representatives and perhaps even some referendum items. Maybe I'm being too much the game theorist, but tough, terrible choices are still choices, and one will be the best one for you. Of course, there are different viewpoints to take, and reasons you might have to abstain. This is democracy we're talking about, after all. But navigating (and changing) broken systems is a part of life. Is withdrawing from a broken system more likely to fix it than reform from within? I have my doubts in this case. Ideas about adding ways to track disengaged voters (adding "none of the above" to ballots, etc.) are interesting, but I don't think they would be too effective. After all, most disengaged voters just stay home. In Alberta, you have the option to decline your ballot, but no one at my poll took that option. It's possible that people aren't aware of this option, but for the last provincial and the last federal election, I could count the number of rejected (or spoiled, or informal, or whatever) ballots my poll had on the fingers of one hand. (Though it would seem this number goes up in places with mandatory voting. A quick Google search tells me that the number of informal ballots in Australia goes anywhere between 5% and 25%.) As for mandatory voting: in the end, I'm against it, because freedom of expression includes the freedom to not express yourself. Though I have to say the idea is tantalizing. Mandatory voting could succeed in decreasing the amount of negative advertising, which is less about convincing voters to change sides as it is about convincing voters to just not vote for their most desired candidate. I'm curious what people from places with mandatory voting think about it. Finally, re: Sanders having a better chance: Really? A lot of people up here thought he was too far to the left. Yes, Sanders would have fared better against the rhetoric Trump used, but then, Trump's rhetoric was tailored to Clinton. Had he been running against Sanders, Trump would have conducted his campaign differently, just as Clinton would have conducted hers differently had she been running against Cruz, Rubio, Bush, etc.
  15. That's boooooring. My prediction: EVERY STATE BUT FLORIDA.