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  1. No, the area descriptions are the text a little above the automap. For example, in the video you just posted, the initial area description is "Gateway Cave." In relation to the most recent episode: Yes, I mentioned earlier that Exodus is also littered with references to antiquity (as well as references to the Old Testament). And Machrone is taking care of the baby while Phaedra is gone. Don't worry. And you missed Thakta, the chief supervising the farmers! So much for Destruction L3. Oh well.
  2. One other thing that just came to mind — I don't think I've ever seen you pay attention to area descriptions, but that's a fairly significant part of the humor in Nobody's Heroes. Take a look at the left side of the screen sometimes when you play the scenario.
  3. As ChowGuy points out, this is pretty far off-base. There are repeated hints in the Lava Ocean that the Goddess had something to do with the vahnatai: • There is a note in the lower level of the Lava Lizard Cave, in language older than the Khalthanad, that says, "That you shelter and protect us, we pray, O gods of the afterlife and the beyond realms, and keep us safe from the clutches of Nghathlaghzhanth and Hathnazriakh, who contend for our souls always." • There is the note in Dalaghant's lab that says, "Thus I sing of the dark goddess Hathnazriakh and her mortal battles against good vahnatai." The narrative adds, "This is by far the oldest form of the ancient slith language you have ever seen. This Hathnazriakh must have been a mortal enemy of the vahnatai and sliths since time immemorial." • After the Breeding Pit, when you speak to Dalaghant for the last time, if you ask him why he has to kill you, he says, "Because that is what my lady Hathnazriakh would want, and she is queen here. You have crossed me, and for that, my master Nathaganth would want you dead, and you have slain berekhs, creatures dear to my lady." Dalaghant is a holdover from over a thousand years ago, before the Empire of Khalthas. He has nothing to do with sliths; he is a vahnatai-era relic. (And, for that matter, you know that he has something to do with things going wrong for the vahnatai, based on the notes in the Lava Lizard Cave.) And his gods are Hathnazriakh and Nathaganth. And the relevance to the immediate conversation is that the Goddess is explaining her history. She talks about Khalthas, her relationship with Nathaganth, her interactions with Ethass and Legare, the major things she's done over her lifetime — and now you finally have the chance to ask her about the one other mystery that you keep getting told has an answer "elsewhere" (e.g., the first level of the Lava Lizard Cave). She is an immortal goddess; at a minimum, she was around when the vahnatai were around, and she at least could know the answer to this thing that you keep coming across and not being able to figure out. The crystal pillars and the Goddess's past actions and inner motivations are not exactly unrelated to the expedition, either, as I hope is relatively clear from all the hints that keep being dropped. Those things don't get resolved in Exodus, but.... EDIT: But more to the point, when there's a major mystery in a game and you have a chance to find out the answer, why would you not? That's just weird.
  4. Something funny has happened to Pithoss's graphic in one of the more recent versions. Apparently I re-ordered the custom objects script, which put Pithoss out of order, which screwed up his graphic. Easily fixed -- when we get to the end, I'll upload the final version cleaning up a bunch of this stuff. LOL at not asking about the vahnatai and the crystal pillars! It has EVERYTHING to do with it! Oh well.
  5. You said you weren't sure why the last barbarian in the Barbarian Fort lost so much health all at once, but that's the power of Lethal Blow; Fawkes hit for 1231 damage that turn. The Shield of Testament, as you've undoubtedly figured out by now, is for a specific purpose later in the game. Oh well. Huh. I thought I had it set that you couldn't learn a spell from a caster unless you had seen the spell once. Something to fix for a later update, I suppose. You're so dramatically over-leveled at this point that, together with the bug exploits, the game balance is all out of whack. Alas.
  6. Oh, if that's the only obstacle, I can pass along release dates. Let me know if you want them; I have all of them for the first few years of BoA and it wouldn't take much to work out at least release months (if not exact dates) for the later years.
  7. Now that you're getting to the other scenarios, too, I should also point out that your list of "play in order" is missing one (and possibly several) groupings of scenarios. Most (all?) of TM's scenarios (not just Mad Ambition and Echoes: Renegade) are in the same universe and generally should be played chronologically. I mean, in theory. I'm not sure that in practice it makes any real difference. Um, you'll see what I mean. Also, I'm not sure if Ephesos's scenarios are related in any way, or if Smoo's scenarios are, but I kind of vaguely thought that they were. Either way, doing scenarios in level order is likely to be confusing and not of any benefit; you'd be much better served doing pretty much all scenarios in chronological order, grouped by designer if you feel like it (i.e., all Eph scenarios in chronological order, then all Smoo scenarios in chronological order, and so on).
  8. Because Nobody's Heroes is a lot shorter, you'll presumably get to the next scenario (The Magic) fairly quickly. The one thing that I want to say, in light of what I've seen about your playing style so far, is that you should make sure at the end of The Magic to talk to the main characters again. Some of the dialogues change after the climax of the action, and it's worth seeing the additional things that people have to say.
  9. Occasionally, the text bubbles have been cut off because they go off the screen. (For whatever reason, when a text bubble would run off the screen, the text bubble doesn't display at all.) No text bubbles are cut off on my copy, but I've seen it I think two times on yours. Most recently, Ithik's question to the Goddess was cut off — he asks her whether she is the goddess of the Khalthanad. "That was certainly a thing that happened." Lol! Probably my favorite cut scene in the whole series.
  10. No, that's not quite right. This came up earlier in the thread. Check out the comment on deduct_ap() in the editor tech support page: I guess Jeff didn't update the docs when he did this, and apparently it broke again later, but this was the intended behavior. I don't know why you would assume this — it's not true. In BoA, the item description is automatically generated from the item's stats, so it's never wrong. (At least, I've never seen it be wrong, and it's safest to assume that it's not wrong unless you have really strong evidence that it is wrong.) I don't know why you would assume this either. At high levels (and sometimes at low levels, depending on stats), the damage per level is the dominant part of the damage. Per the item description, the Crystal Wand does 12-120 points of damage plus 1-10 per level of Bows skill and 2 levels of Dexterity. Suppose your Dexterity is 24 and your Bows is 4 (that is, Bonnie). That means you get 12 + 4 = 16 additional levels of 1-10 damage. That's 16-160 from the damage per level on top of the 12-120 base — so the damage per level add-on is actually larger than the base. And if you trained up Bows a bit more, for example to 10, the damage per level add-on would be 22-220, which is almost double the base. In case anyone cares: And we're just about ready for the big reveal! Looking forward to the next episode.
  11. It's also possible — likely, even! — that you're not looking as hard as one would have to look if one wanted to find everything. You... sold... the Crystal Wand? The weapon type was Thrown Weapons, but the item description said that it used Bows skill, and several of your characters have Bows skill. That was... not a good decision. (Although, given the bug exploits that you've found so far, it may not actually matter going forward. I am looking forward to Anthala's Mine, though, because the enemy there should be less vulnerable to Bind Foe/Cloudkill.) I suppose I should've brought this up earlier, but the Liverpool accent for Machrone doesn't quite fit because Machrone isn't exactly from the Empire. He's... well, you'll see. Eventually. And lol at the idea that this was the dramatic moment I was talking about! No, the biggest dramatic moments are still coming up. It's not for nothing that the Peninsula Camp sequence is tied with the Lava Ocean for my favorite part of the scenario. EDIT: In light of the below, I'd like to emphasize that this was all intended with good humor. Maybe some gentle ribbing, but with a smile. I am enjoying these episodes — less so the combat where you use bug exploits constantly, but oh well — and am looking forward to the rest.
  12. Yeah, it does appear that you've missed both opportunities to get Major Healing at this point (because presumably you've reached the Peninsula Camp by now). I don't think you've missed terribly many other special spells — you missed a level of Destruction, but you'll get a level of Destruction fairly shortly anyway, so it doesn't matter too much. You'll go through a bit of the scenario with Destruction L1 instead of Destruction L2, but if you find the right encounter a little farther down the line, you'll still be able to get Destruction L3. (In general, you can get L3 of a spell as long as you know it at least at L1.)
  13. Man, the deduct_ap() bug really makes these fights boring. Bind Foe had such a low energy cost in order to make it more enticing, but that was because you could only cast a couple of it per caster per turn. If you can cast it an unlimited number of times per turn, then you can immobilize everything all at once, which was not the intention. This is compounded by the other BoA bug that it appears to work on everything, not just the creatures it's supposed to work on. I suppose I could throw in some code to reduce the fallout from these bugs (basically, unweb certain monsters partly or fully every turn). That would probably be for the best. Also, you said you were frustrated about not getting enough loot per dungeon, but each dungeon has 1-2 artifacts pretty consistently throughout Exodus. So the loot rate is more or less constant throughout. The loot rate is relatively low — you don't find a lot of gold per encounter — but not inconsistent.
  14. Just to be clear, Major Haste costs exactly the same amount of spell energy and renders exactly as many levels of Haste as Haste, except that it acts on every member of the party, not just one target. So there's never a reason to cast Haste in Exodus; Major Haste is always better. And as far as I know, there is no way to clean webs except by standing still (either in combat or outside of combat).
  15. Maybe you're just not reading enough into "setting her free." Free from what? Free from societal convention that said that it was wrong to love a drakon, that's what!