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I've been doing some testing with experience, and -- surprise, surprise -- things have changed since G3.


It's easy to notice that the penalty for being high level is not ramped up so high so fast. The real change is in how creation levels are handled.


Your own XP is still reduced by the number of creations (or other party members) you have, and so are your creations' XP. The reduction is definitely the same for the PC, and it seems to be the same for creations:


--- XP Earned ---
Creations  PC     Creations
       0  16/16
       1  15/16  15/20
       2  14/16  14/20
       3  13/16  13/20
       4  12/16  12/20
       5  11/16  11/20
       6  10/16  10/20
       7   9/16   9/20


HOWEVER, creation XP is now adjusted on an individual basis. It isn't based on the creation's level, however. It is based on the difference between your level and the creation's level.


There is a certain range of level variance where there is no adjustment made. If it goes above or below that, creations can earn less or more experience. This effect is not huge -- but when you make level 20 creations at level 6, it is definitely noticeable. If you make a high level creation and keep it with you the whole game, it will no longer lose its level advantage at a constant rate, it will lose it more quickly at first, and eventually slow to the old constant rate if given long enough.


All in all, I guess this doesn't change things that much, but it does steal a number of levels of creations you keep through the whole game, which is yet another roadblock in the Cryoa or Artila strategy.

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