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Weird Avernum 5 character movement


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Every now and then in A5, always in combat I think, my characters take a huge liking to a particular direction and move as far as they can in that direction, without me doing anything. The arrow keys then won't work, and if I click on a different spot the active character will move there, then use any remaining actions points to move in the preferred direction.


This doesn't happen very often but it can cause a big problem when a character walks into a ally, as the "do you really want to attack this ally?" box then pops up, only to reappear as soon as I've clicked cancel.


Once it's come up, the problem affects all of my saved games, even after quitting and restarting the game. I've tried reinstalling from my CD, no joy, but it does go away when I restart my computer. Annoying to have to do in the middle of fighting the doomguard.


Any ideas on what's causing it?


MacBook Pro OS 10.5.5, Avernum 5 v1.0.4

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