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Need help with Exile 3...


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I'm having an odd error message pop up and crash Exile 3 whenever I try and access any menus in the game. I can still play the game fine and use shortcuts to do actions such as waiting or saving/loading, but as soon as I touch the menus on the top of the screen, they flash like I'm clicking them 5 times a second. When I can finally get one to stay open, anything I click leads to the same error. "EXILE3 caused a General Protection Fault in module WIN87EM.DLL at 0001:02C9. Choose close. EXILE3 will close." Has anyone seen this error before? Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm currently running windows xp pro service pack 2. The thing I find strange about this is the editor works fine, and I've run Exile on this computer before with no issues whatsoever.

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I've done some research for you on this error, and it turns out lots of people using various programs run into this "WIN87EM.DLL" problem.


I don't think it's related to Exile 3. Did you recently ugrade your computer to Service Pack 2, or change a driver?


Here is a link to microsoft's search:



Also this page might help:



and this page:



Hope you can fix it, it'd be a real shame not to be able to play Exile 3!

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