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migration of game to a new computer

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I started the game on a laptop which I now must return to a friend from whom I had borrowed the machine. The game *is* registered on this laptop (I will call it Laptop A)


Now, because I have to give up Laptop A, I want to continue the game on my new laptop (Laptop B). I have already received by email a generous gesture by the creator to receive a second registration for that Laptop B, so that part is taken care of.


The only thing I am not sure about is: Is it as simple as transferring the saved game files from Laptop A to the exact same directory structure of Laptop B? Or, are there other gaming files which need to be transferred also?


Thanks so much.

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Then once your saved games are moved to Laptop B, you can play as normal. I should know, since I've had to move various saved game files first from Desktop A to external hard drive A and Laptop A, then to Desktop B, and then to my backup external hard drive B (formerly the hard drive from Laptop A, which I ended up having to reformat) and finally to Laptop B.

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