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Exile III sound problem

The Dork Cheese

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OK, I had Exile III sitting minimized in my dock for a while (but the application was open). When I opened it back up, I realized that I needed to change my colors to 256 colors. I was in the middle of a small battle. I was fighting when I realized, "These sounds are a bit strange." I then realized that all the Exile III sounds have sped up, including the intro screen sounds. This probably isn't a fatal error, but it certainly is annoying. The strange thing is, the sounds worked perfectly fine the last time I was playing (though between then and now, a different user logged on, I logged back in, I used the internet for a while, this happened, then I restarted the computer to see if it would fix it, which was futile).


I kinda want to know what's going on, and how to fix it. I don't really want to redownload Exile III just to replace my sound file, especially if it doesn't work, or, even worse, unregisters the game.


I use Mac OS 10.4.0.

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Well, I got it fixed. I read on some forum that, oddly enough, opening Garageband will fix any sound problem on your Mac. And, oddly enough, it actually worked. It fixed all the other problems that seemed to result from this, so I must congratulate Apple for including a hidden troubleshooting program that it bundles with many of their computers.


And you can make music with it!

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