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Exile 3 giving me problems...


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I have the no sound fix but it still gives me the sound error everytime a sound activates(even though I turned the sound off).


I have reinstalled and used the sound fix. The first time I turn the game on(if you can call it that) it works perfectly. But if I exit (maybe to use the editor or for some other reason) and I re-enter the game, it gives me the error.


Any advice or help?? frown

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I don't think this makes any difference, but go to PREFERENCES, and also select the Fewer Sounds option as well as the No Sounds option. I once had something similar, and this seemed to fix it. Do this before actually playing the game etc. Anyway, that sound error normally only coms up when your sound system is already being used. Maybe you can just stop that from happening?


- Archmagi Micael

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Originally written by SolidSnake:
My sound card is broken/****ed up so I don't have sound on anything.
Okay. Does your computer "know" that the sound card is broken?

I would suggest geting a new one, obviously, since this problem won't go away.

Also, is the sound card really "broken", or do you just have VERY out-of-date drivers, which make it appear that it's brokaen. ie. everything doesn't work, yet there's nothing wrong with the sound card.

- Archmagi Micael
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