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Joining servants

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I think you have to go through the secret tunnel before you can join Zakary. You have to see the mess he did... I joined the servants nearly as soon as possible, but I think it wasn't a good idea, especially if you want to be able to speak to people before having to kill them. As a servant you cannot go to the Magus Complex (Awakened) nor in the entire taker land without having to kill everybody there. You will have less merchants to sell your stuff to, less side missions to acomplish... Another problem with the servants is that you can only leave them after becoming a member of another sect.

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frown Servants, I wish I could join the all powerful Shaper counsil, so then become one of them and slaughter all the creations! By the looks of all of this with teh sects they all are sooo affraid of them! Man how strong are they, I hope we get to see in Geneforge 3! HELL YEAH! and can some1 tell me where to find that " " " " " " DOOR " " " " " " " thats in taker area, that you cant get into? I havent completed all the taker quests so its proly in that room where that "muscular" servile gaurds the door (Fuxen prix)
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