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32 Actions Per Turn (Backwards Loop)

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I have come to discover, though I don't know if it's been posted before, that in Geneforge if you bring your total weight up to exactly 273 lbs your actions loop from 2 to 32. Increased weight over 273 begins to drop the actions back down. When I first saw the loop, I had 22 or 23 actions at a weight of 315. I managed to get this high by carrying around 19 bags of meal among several chitin armor and iron/bronze swords I had looted. I've seen this happen before in another old game called Castle of the Winds (2?) where you intentionally drained your own constitution (or another stat, whichever one it was) by casting spells with no mana. At around -40 or another negative number, it would loop into the hundreds. Has anyone else experienced this action loop or gotten it to work with even higher weight limits?




If it makes a difference, it was with a Shaper with the starting STR of 2. If any other details are required, I have a save set aside at this point in the game if other details are required.

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I picked up Castle of the Winds in a bargain bins years and years ago. Just two floppies, if I remember. There was one spell you could start with and just mass cast it with no SP until your Constitution jumped up really high. I forget all that, honestly. I couldn't find my discs the other day. And I think with the weight issue, I noticed that at STR 2 the upper limit is 73, and it loops at 273, so I wonder if maybe it was the 200 over encumber that did it. *shrugs* No idea, but it seems to work. I wonder if maybe there might be a build strategy around using this bug. x.x Super Action agent/guardian.

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