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Horrible bug in Geneforge 3, or it's my PC.


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I discovered, while spending much time in Khyryk's Tower, that every time I saved, the game would freeze. It'd still save, but it'd freeze every time. I managed to keep saving and reloading the game til I was done and left the tower... but I had to leave in combat mode so autosave wouldn't trap me. To my surprise, returning back to Stonespire, ALL the pickupable items on the ground VANISHED, so I lost all my special gems n such and all that.


I went to play on my other char's saves, and it had no problems at all. It must have been at a certain point playing Khyryk's Tower, my PC was doing something and it messed everything up. I tried to go to unerase wizard, but it only recovers the journal saves. What should I do? Is there anyway to bring back my items instead of playing from an earlier part for a few more hours?

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I think that once items are gone, they are gone forever. Either way, I'd recommend restarting from an earlier save (and keeping several backup saves), because once your savefile is corrupted, you never know what other problems you might encounter.


As for why this happened, I can only give a random guess that perhaps you were running too many programs at once and the game ran out of memory.


PS If you want to report this bug to Spiderweb, e-mail them at spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com, because Jeff doesn't read these boards.

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