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Avernum: Escape from the Pit - Spray Acid Level 3


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Tested with v1.0.1 for Windows (ordered directly from Spiderweb back when it was new).

From the script:

	state = 33;
	nextstate = -1;
	question = "_Go ahead._";
	text1 = "The statue recites, with great care and precision, a long string of magical syllables. You struggle to memorize them. They're very complicated. When the statue is done, it closes its eyes. It has nothing more to say.";
	action = END_TALK;
	code = run_hardcode(68);

The run_hardcode(68) part was commented out. After restoring it, it says you need Arcane Lore 14, but the game freezes whether you have it or not.

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