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Goofy trick for the Askama Mines

Mah Al Ibara

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The Askama Mines are a pain in the butt, because once you've managed to kill of the four big slimes that are causing the problems, you still have to get past the eternaslimes and fight the slimemaster. The slimemaster is weak, but getting past the eternslimes requires spamming the teleport spell or just slashing and healing, slashing and healing, so by the time you getr to the slimemaster, you're usually down a character or out of energy (at least if you're trying this at level 10 or below).


I'm currently trying it on level 10 in normal mode, and it's brutal. But I realized you can do it in two parts. First time, instead of fighting all 4 big slimes, just kill the first, and then spam the teleport spell to get past the other three and the eternaslimes, conserving energy just enough to get two or three characters past the eternslimes to the slimemaster. Then kill the slimemaster, looted the treasure chest, and leave the area. Go back to a fort, recharge, and return to the Askama Mines. Naturally, everything had respawned, including the slimemaster. But what's different now is that you can ignore the eternaslimes and slimemaster completely, and use all you energy killing the four big slimes. If you have enough characters/energy left after (not likely), you can easily kill the slimemaster and eternslimes just by opening the door that was locked the first time you entered the dungeon. It's unlocked now, so you just open it and there's the slimemaster on the other side, defenseless. After you take him out, the eternaslimes are also easy.


Just an idea! Maybe not a great one! LOL The more logical alternative is to just wait till you're a higher level to do this dungeon.

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