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Problem with finishing Walkwood


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Ok. Here's what I did.


1. Got the quest from Tereza

2. Went to the mines

3. Talked to Dillon

4. Cleared the above ground part

5. Looted the bunkhouse and cleared Rootlings

6. Talked to Dillon again; s

7. She said to go tell Tereza but I'd need to clear out mine

7a. She also said she'd open a storeroom?

8. Back to the Fort

9. Talked to Tereza

10 She said that I needed to clear the mine

11. Back to the mine

12. Cleared the underground stuff

13. Got XP & looted chests.

13a. Got the message about the mine being safe now.

14. Went back upstairs and told Dillon

15. Back to the Fort, told Theresa


Here's the problem:


A. I never found the unlocked storeroom or whatever it was Dillon promised me

B. The quest is still listed in my Journal as being unfinished. It says,


"The mines themselves are still infested with evil, strangling roots. Someone's going to have to go down there and clean it out"


It's all clean. I just went back to double check. Seems like everything is fine.


What do you all think?


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