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Outside combat happens in slow motion


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Hello Linuxbro! :D


I only made this account here to let you know how this is fixed:


If you are using Lutris it is very easy : Disable DXVK!


I know it sounds weird, but good ole' Jeff Games are very light and do not actually need DXVK or Vulkan or FSYNC or anything remotely related.


Most new Linuxbros do not know some games actually run better or can LOAD AT ALL if you actually disable DXVK specially if you have specific set of drivers and do not know how to install the correct ones that are more ideal, or have not updated vulkan in a while.


I had this same issue and disabling dxvk did the trick  (for most games unless they are really new I actually disable everything)


As a side note QW2 also has some small PNG issues that fill up your wine log endlessly as well.

Seems Jeff added some wrong png tables on his png files for the game (Libpng-1.6 in linux is highly sensitive to these issues) which fills the log with this error: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile - To fix open a terminal directly on the qw2 folders for pngs and run this command: 

mogrify *.png

That should remove all the wrong ICCP chunks off all the pngs in the folder and no more error log spam


Be aware that outdoors are still slow in relation to indoor encounters and I blame that to either optimization or the way the engine loads pngs on outdoor maps, but with this simple trick it is almost normal speed again and highly enjoyable!


I dont use regular plain wine but you can disable it by simply not installing it in your wine prefix


It is much easier if you just use proton, please check the current commands to disable dxvk but I think it was: PROTON_NO_D3D11


Hope this helps!

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