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GF2 crashes :(


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I just downloaded Geneforge II demo (for PC). When starting the executable I get the loading screens and then the game menu. If I don't do anything everything is ok but whenever I try to move the mouse I get a little bit of that sound and green graphics effect but then the game crashes back to Windows desktop because of some exception. I have the latest drivers for both my mouse and video card.


All other Spidweb games I've tries run correctly. Please, I would be very thankful of any advice concerning this issue.

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i have the same problem, the game crashes as soon as i get in. when i alt-tab to see if it is not responding there is a window that says,

unhandled exception:c0000005

at adress: 0042196e


my direct x, sound, and video drivers are up to date, my video card is a geforce 2 mx. the os i'm running is windows xp.


EDIT: "i found out that it crashes because of the graphics on the mouse pointer ,the stuff that oozes down, when the ooze gets to the bottom of the screen it freezes the game you just have to be quick if you want to play"

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ok people, here is how to fix it, case anyone still needs it. Go to where ever you installed your game. Go into the data folder. Find a bmp file named g148.bmp Either rename to something like g148.bm or delete it. This file is the bmp for the mouse trail, if it can find it, it won't show up smile . The game runs fine on my PC, hope it works for yours.

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