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Error for Geneforge 2


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I'm getting the same error with GF2


I'm getting an unhandled exception on the main screen.


I'm running an Athlon 64 3200+, 512 MB ram, and 76.44 Forceware Drivers (Nvidia Geforce 6600GT)


I think it has to do with the drips that fall from the cursor, so most likely a graphis problem? Anyway to disabl the dripping effect without goin in game?


heres the exact error message




I hope someone can help frown


It worked flawlessly on my old computer, but ...


Edit: Forgot to mention I'm using Windows XP SP2

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Tip: Go into the game folder, where you installed it, go into the data folder. Inside you will find bmp's or bitmap images, look for "g148.bmp" or "g148" if you extensions don't show. If delete or renamed the drips will not appear on the main menu and will not crash the game.


P.S. Must be a NVIDIA thing. This happen to my computer, and I have a NVIDIA GeForce 400mx

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