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Cheating Skills like Find Herbs?

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I noticed the inbuilt character editor won't let you increase untrainable skills, like Resistance and Find Herbs. Of course Resistance you can get around by cheating in as many Resistance Mind Crystals as you want, but Find Herbs there's no such luck.


I've been trying to use cheat engine or save editing but I've made no progress, since as far as I'm aware there's only one source of gaining Find Herbs which isn't enough for me, as a relative newbie to Cheat Engine, to actually lock down the value.


Anyone have better luck? Or better ideas?


Edit: I found it by browsing the same memory region as Barter. Somehow it's part of the same line of code? I couldn't figure everything out but I managed to give my primary character 20 in it so eh, [censored] it, unsolved mysteries.

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