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Sometimes I didn't feel like a prince


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I liked the refreshing change of perspective playing as a prince instead of some anonymous adventurer without much of a backstory. I've played various Spiderweb games, and really liked this one.


But there were some immersion-breaking aspects at certain points in the game. Where I felt more like the adventurer that get take-it-or-leave-it offers from people instead of negotiating with them.

In particular, I remember:


* The resources from the port. I should be able to give an order of a resource being delivered to me on each arriving shipment until further notice. Having to go back to port to request an individual jug of mercury, and later come back to receive it feels like I'm some upstart trader rather than a prince.


* I should be able to put a but more pressure on people in negotiations. I didn't feel like taking Thablen pass, so despite supporting the rebels until that point, I in the end supported the Mascha. But I would have like the dialogue option when negotiating at Madraka to tell them that my main goal is to get the Vol to become Vassals again, and If the don't agree to my terms, I will negotiate with the Mascha instead.


* There should be a map for the Nisse territory. It is unknown land to Haven, but so is the tower of the Valley of the Orbs. I get a map of the Valley, I should get one of the underworld (showing the places I already explored). Haven has sages that could do that job.


* I should be able to talk to people about my exploration in Nisse territory. Maybe the people of Sacramentum are too afraid of them, but Havenites, who never heard about the Nisse before wouldn't. Why can't I discuss a possible invasion of Nisse lands with my generals (they could still stay that their forces are already stretched too thin by  operations in Vassal lands, but I should at least be able to talk about it). Sages would also likely be very interested to learn about the underworld of Sacramentum being settled.


* The Nisse might have a take-it-or-leave it attitude, but I should still be able to at least propose different options. Such as demanding that the Nisse become Vassals (I'm sure they wouldn't agree, but demanding it doesn't feel out of place in game). The Nisse first put an offer of wish + Haven lands, giving up Vassals, then the 100 years Vassals offer. Why can't I make the offer of Haven keeping one or two Vassals, with Haven giving up the others should the Vassal so desire? That feels like an obvious offer a prince of Haven should be able to make in that situation. And there should be options as to which Vassal should be handled how.

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