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Queen's Wish on Linux - works with Wine

Weird Heather

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I'm pleased to report that, as with nearly all of Spiderweb's other games, Queen's Wish appears to work flawlessly with Wine, and without any tweaking or special configuration.  I'm using Wine 4.12.1.  I suspect that any recent version will work.  So far, I have played through the opening sequence, explored the fort, and talked to the people there.  The game seems to function just as it would on Windows.  (Of course, there are many versions of Linux, so it might not work as well for some others as it has for me.)  I'll put some brief instructions here in case anyone else wants to try it and isn't quite sure how to do it.  Note that my instructions here should work with nearly any Spiderweb game.  The only one that has given me trouble is Nethergate: Resurrection.  Older ones that only have 4:3 resolutions might be troublesome to display properly on a widescreen monitor.  For my system (which uses the proprietary NVidia drivers) I have come up with a kluge workaround - if anyone is interested, I can post the instructions in the general forum.


Note that if you don't have some of the necessary software, i.e. winetricks, Lutris, or Playonlinux, you will have to install it from whatever repository your distribution of Linux uses.


--- Manual Installation ---


There are a few different methods of installation.  The way I usually install Windows games is to install them manually using the system Wine, and then add them to Lutris, which I use to manage Wine versions and some configuration options.  To install manually, open an xterm window and execute the following commands, or put them in a quick-and-dirty shell script and run that.  (In all of the following, replace {path} with the path where you want to install Queen's Wish, and replace {setup file} with the name of the setup file.)  This method works for the GOG version.  DRM-free setup files purchased directly from Spiderweb or elsewhere should work the same way.  Note that you may need to put a backslash before special characters in the name of the setup file or enclose it in quotes.  (There are other ways to set up the wine prefix.  I've gotten into the habit of using winetricks because I also use it to install libraries where required.  In this case, none are needed, so it is only necessary to specify the Windows version.)


WINEPREFIX={path} winetricks win7

WINEPREFIX={path} wine {setup file}


If you just want to use the version of Wine installed on the system, this should work.  It will put an icon on your desktop, and you can run the game from there.


--- Lutris ---


If you want to add the game to Lutris after manual installation, follow these instructions.  (If someone eventually writes a script for Lutris, you might be able to use that instead, but note that Lutris scripts have a tendency to go out of date eventually and aren't often updated.)


If you need to install a new version of Wine, click the button in the top left corner of the border, and then Manage Runners.  Scroll down to Wine, and click Manage Versions.  Then, download whichever version you want.  Lutris will also find any versions you may have downloaded using Playonlinux, and it will find versions of Proton that Steam has installed so that you can use it with non-Steam games.


In the Games tab, enter the title of the game and choose Wine as the runner.

In the Game Options tab, browse to find the executable.  In the GOG version, it will be {path}/drive_c/GOG Games/Queen's Wish The Conqueror/Queen's Wish.exe.  Also, put {path} in the Wine prefix.  You shouldn't need to enter anything in the working directory.

In the Runner Options tab, select the Wine version you want to use.  If the one you are trying doesn't work, try another.  4.12.1 works for me.  Everything else here can stay as it is unless you want to run it windowed in a virtual desktop.  Also, everything in the System Options tab can stay as it is.


--- Playonlinux ---


Another way to install games is to use Playonlinux.  It is easy to use, albeit sometimes a bit slow, and it doesn't always have the very latest versions of Wine available.  To install by this method, select Install, and then select Install a non-listed program.  Then, it will walk you through the steps.  You shouldn't need to install any libraries or do any special configuration.  You might need to download a particular version of Wine first, especially if your system Wine is antiquated.  If so, go into Tools->Manage Wine Versions, and select a recent one.  I haven't installed Queen's Wish this way, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work.


--- Steam Play ---


Finally, for those who are using Steam, you probably have the easiest solution of all.  Since Queen's Wish doesn't require any tweaks, I suspect that Steam Play will work without any difficulty.  For those who aren't familiar with it, Steam Play is a feature on Steam's Linux client that automatically installs their version of Wine (currently Proton 4.11-3) along with a Windows game and runs it from the Steam launcher just as if it is a native Linux game.  For me, Fallout 4 worked great this way - I just had to change something in a .ini file to get the mouse to stop jumping.  Just enable Steam Play in the launcher and install Queen's Wish normally.  It will probably just work without any complaint.  If someone has done this already, please respond to let everyone know if it works as I have predicted.


Hopefully this is helpful.  I know some people have been disappointed in the past that Spiderweb doesn't release native Linux versions of the games, but the games have a history of working very well with Wine, so I think Linux gamers are covered well enough, and Spiderweb can devote more time to writing games rather than spending limited resources to support a niche system.


If anyone has anything further suggestions, please respond.  If my instructions don't work for someone, maybe we can find a solution and update the thread.



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