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Release and price!


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Why can non-backers play the game now on both Steam and GoG while backers can't (not received anything from Spiderweb)?


Moreover, why is the release price lower than even the lowest tier in the kickstarter?  Why not at least tell backers so that they can get the game cheaper and quicker on release!

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It's 7 AM in Spiderweb's time zone.  I can think of other reasons for delays (Steam key processing) but not being awake yet seems pretty likely at the moment.


Also, the release price is not lower.  Well, the lowest kickstarter tier was $20 and the release price is $19.99, so I guess it's one cent lower.  Steam has a 10% sale on it right now.


That said, I frequently see kickstarter costs that are higher prices than the game is at release.  Unless the kickstarter guarantees otherwise, I would never expect the tier prices to be identical with the actual game price (let alone identical with Steam sale prices).

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