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Lore question: The Vahantai and the Slith

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Hi guys, long time Avernum player here (I got very angry that I couldn't register with my favorite game series being "Exiles"). I have bought just about every Spider Web game since Exiles 3.


I recently purchased Ruined World and have been playing through it, and when looking for tips, I came across a lore discussion and it dawned on me I had a question I wanted to ask myself.

Is there any references in the game to Slithzerikai and Vahnatai conflicts? Both of them come from subterranean caves far below Avernum, both tend to occasionally spread out for resource, both have their fair sects of violent clans... yet I don't actually remember any direct reference of an actual conflict between the two. I'd assume they live in very different areas of the caves.


I assume there is a locational difference between them (Slith tend to live much lower for warmth) but I'm wondering if I missed/forgot lines of dialogue that talked about any prior conflict.



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I'm pretty sure you can register with it being "Exile" -- just not "Exiles" plural.  "Avernum" should work the same way, FWIW.  Plenty of Exile fanciers among the mods here!


I don't remember if conflict is specified, but the Vahnatai do indicate in X2 that they were familiar with the Slithzerikai from before the Resting.

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