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Benefits of Invading Valorium (War Thread)

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Alright - so after the Avernite/Empire War and the various atrocities committed by the Empire I say screw making Peace with Empress Prazac, helping the Empire, and settling peacefully.  The monster plagues put Avernum in a perfect situation to get some REAL vengeance - so for starters the new Avernum III should have the option to wage war against the Empire as an alternate story path - various things I would donate half my liver to see put into the game:

1.  Ability to engage and eventually defeat the Empire Third Army through a long battle of attrition.
2.  Alien Beasts escape Quarantine - eventually ravaging Blackcrag and evoking a military response after two years into the campaign.
3.  Monster Plagues Evolve to become more Vicious:  ie Alien Slimes roving around - Troglo/Giant War Bands that invade and occupy whole towns
4.  Ability to Raze Towns:  If a towns population  is wiped out by force the eradication of the town can be completed with Move Mountains or occupied by Avernite forces/civilians
5.  Dark Wyrms Hunt:  Eventually the Dark Wyrms and Drakes/Dragons will emerge to hunt for food and treasure - which they might find on your collective corpses if you're not ready
6.  Negative reputation:  Killing Empire Soldiers and Civilians earns negative reputation that will eventually illicit attacks from the Empire.
7.  Initially your party and Avernite forces are attacked on sight - situation can escalate to Empire Invasion of Fort Emergence 

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An interesting point of view. Alas, I don't think a large-scale war against the Empire could be feasible since the Empire outnumbers Avernum with a ratio of 288,888... : 1. (Ridiculous number, I know. Empire: 135,000,000. Avernum: 450,000.) Hence, the Empire would slaughter the opposition with pure numbers, without even taking into account the home-quarter advantage and ability to reinforce the front lines much faster.


The situation, as you describe, might be different if Avernum's government decided to ally with Rentar-Ihrno and made surgical strikes into vital ports, supply-lines and forts while the magical plagues did the dirty work, basically swarming the Imperial Army. This would have to happen in a rapid succession, though, before the Empire could bolster their hold of Blackcrag Fortress and the western ports, where reinforcements could be streamed in to Valorim from other continents.

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