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Geneforge 4/5 at higher resolutions

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Hey so I recently switched over to a tv after upgrading my gpu and I just learned that geneforge 4 and 5 don't exactly work at this resolution. I am currently using a tv which runs up to 2715 x 1527, and I'm using 1920 x 1080. It took a while to notice, as I play geneforge very infrequently, but it appears as though no matter the resolution I set it at, G5 is zoomed into the screen. At every resolution I can't see the hud or edges of the screen, prevently me from even moving the camera.

It didn't help to use windowed either. For some reason the size of the window never changes and it is big enough that I can't move the camera down. Currently the only avaible option is to increase my screen res up to max. For some reason the windowed mode actually changes and works then. Seeing as this is sort of a pain to constantly change my screen res just to play a single game, I was hoping there is some work around I could to fix this. Also G4 doesn't have res options, it just doesn't work at all, even when I change my screen. The moment I move my mouse it gets forced off screen where the rest of the menu is (that I again can't see because of the zoom).

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