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Is it possible to get touchscreen support? (all games)


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Hey there,


I own every game from spidweb and recently purchased a windows 8.1 tablet, I loved playing Avadon and Avernum on ipad so was hoping I'd be able to do the same on here. Curling up with a hot cocoa and a tablet in front of a fire is my preferred way to play CRPGs.


Unfortunately, after booting up Geneforge I found the touch screen does not align properly with any of the on-screen elements.


I haven't tried all of the games yet, I suspect the games that support modern resolutions may not have this problem but I was wondering A) whether spidweb are considering touchscreen PCs in the future (patching old games or somesuch) and B) If there are any known third party hack arounds that may fix the issue (such as dxwnd).


I'm interested in playing all spidweb games, not just the newer ones, but in particular the geneforge series.


For reference I'm on a Surface 3



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