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Sorry to start a new topic about Tatter, but I am very puzzled


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I am playing the 'Holy Ones' Storyline and I have gotten to the end of the troglodyte cave, but they attack me even if I say 'no' to the chief's question about killing his people. Why is this? Has someone else had this happen to them? Thanks. I have two save files, it happens on both, if that helps.

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Looking through the notes I have, I see no reason for them to be combattant if you answered, "no".

I'm assuming you've learned about the Cave from Cortlind, who explains that the Troglos were responsible for his death.

Then you enter the Cave, fight the several inhabitants of the islands, find the lever that opens the south wall and enter the area where the Leader is.

In my experience, he asks if you're responsible for the death of his people. If you answer, "yes", it's a fight. If you answer, "no", he tells you about how the Tatterdemalion came through solid rock, etc., etc., etc.

I don't see how you're getting a fight either way, unless you did something else to trigger him.

If you go to Traci's site and download the walk through, that's exactly what I'm looking at right now and, other than that, I can't be of much more help.

I just don't see how you can get a fight both ways.


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