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AC3...More bad news


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A nasty bug has been discovered in AC3 which is causing major problems for some players. An escape route from the Holding Area in Volton's Complex, that was created for debugging purposes, was inadvertently left in the finished game. New versions have been uploaded to both Spiderweb and Alexandria.


If you have used this "escape route" and are experiencing some strange and confusing things, contact me. I am working on a patch to get you back on track. Reverting back to an earlier save spot and avoiding this route will also solve any problems.


If you have not visited Volton's Complex yet, then you're okay. Just don't exit out the convenient tunnel inside the Holding Area. Just pretend it's not there!



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Did you just absolutely need it to win in your alpha-testing phase? :p Oh well, everybody makes mistakes; we've learned that. Speaking of an easy break, how about that tunnel leading out of the Experiment Halls in VoDT? People could have easily won without, though I think Jeff (Vogel, in this case) put it there to keep frustrated players from quitting the scenario altogether. wink

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