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Does anyone know where to send some BoE graphics I made? Or do you want to put them on your website? there is about 4 of them. Reply if you want them. And if you want them, put your email address to your reply.

And remember to give me credit. smile




PS. They're not the best o' the world, but still. laugh

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Please, restrain from lying in the future, Bloggs320. There's never enough graphics, and there're always a few new scenarios in the works.


A GREAT new scen. was released just a few weeks ago, for instance, Roots , by Thuryl.


And Anaximander, you could either put up a site of your own ( Geocities , for example) and then ask TM to add your site to his Comprehensive BoE Website List , or you could just e-mail the graphics to someone with an existing BoE graphic-archive. Khoth has one of the largest databases, at the moment.

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