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Shadow of a Stranger Help: Ice Drake!


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Alright, now I've technically beaten the scenario, but I still want to find the Squeak the Pig bean pet, only I have no idea where to look! I've talked to Max in Bobling and looked at the boulder in the forests near Wellim, but now I'm stuck. Where should I go next?


And also, in Schernbuk at night, on the outside of one of the homes on northwest corner, there's this wall with a big rune on it. I'm sure it's significant, because it brought up a dialog box, but I have no idea how to get through it to the secret room behind it.



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Beltran is the cook at the inn in the empire Capital. Go ask him about Howie.


The rune is part of a hidden fourth quest you can do. Once you finish any one quest and return to the hut in the swamp, someone mentions going out to town that night. Return that night, and you'll get a chance to follow that person. Do so (carefully), and eventually you'll end up at the rune.


Viel Gluck!

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