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Can't got thru doors in Avernum


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I'm running Avernum 1.02 in Classic on Mac OS X 10.3.7. Plenty of RAM (512MB) and disk space (over 29GB).


I'm in Gnass. I approach a building and the door "opens"... but then I cannot pass thru the door. In fact, I cannot move at all. If I activate "fight" mode and then click the "peace" button, I can move again. But I still can't go through the door. I can talk to the characters inside the room but I cannot enter the room.


Another interesting thing I noted; when I tried to leave Gnass, I became frozen as well. I had to quit the game completely. I didn't save, so I don't know if it would reload with my party frozen.


I'm suspecting a damaged "save" file frown . But I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this behavior. Is there a way to "fix" my saved game? Or must I start all over.

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1. Do you have any previously saved files? If not, I think you have a problem. That happened to me once.


2.I think you have to check in you A1 files. One of my siblings put some of their files in their and it messed up my games.


3. And if their is nothing in their besides A1 files, you should probably start over.


4. It wouldn't hurt to ask Jeff.

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Actually, I think I've figured it out. I recently migrated to a different Mac (G4/633 to G4/867). While poking around, I noticed that the software thinks it is not registered.


Fortunately I had a copy of my old pref's file. After copying that to the new system folder and then opening the "damaged" file, things looked okay.

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