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Opinion on New Scenario Idea

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While browsing the forums earlier, I came across the scenario review for Stairway, and it reminded me of this one game I watched someone play called SCP-087, which is based off of a creepypasta that's also called SCP-087. In the article for it, it describes a total of three explorations made in SCP-087 (technically four, but the fourth one is expunged). Later, I had the idea to make a scenario that's based off of SCP-087, but first I need your guys' opinion on something: should I make the scenario based on the actual game, or on the three explorations? If I were to make it based on the actual game, it would be considerably shorter, only following a single, less-detailed exploration, whereas the three exploration one will also include dialogue said by both the character and the doctor monitoring the character, along with the three separate explorations.


Edit: Oh yes, and if I were to do the game-based one, I could have it start out with an adventurer or party of adventurers stumbling upon a stairway that would later be known as SCP-087, or be assigned to find someone that went missing in said stairway.

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Sounds like a good idea. I'm not all that familiar with SCP-087 or the original game for that matter. But google is a close companion of mine.


Sounds rather good, if you do make it, I would definitely be interested in playing it.

Try making the shorter version first, it sounds like something you could always expand on later.

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Well, I guess I can start working on this once I feel like getting around to designing stuff, although that might be a tad bit difficult, what with the possibility of me being able to get Rogue Legacy today and all. The only problem will be that, since I've always found designing good custom graphics in the style of Blades of Avernum's isometric 3D difficult, I may need to ask for some help with making the graphic for SCP-087-1, and other graphics if I can't make them look decent (ex. the concrete stairs, railing, etc.).

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I like to pride myself in graphics :)


The only scenario i've officially released doesn't reflect that. But go ahead and have a look at my site. You can see some of the graphics i've uploaded from scenarios that i'm currently working on, nearing completion by the way.


my site is: http://voxgraphics.webs.com


If you want help with making graphics, i'd be more than willing to help.

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