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Campaign Flags


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For a long time there has been a demand to have scenarios be able to talk to one another. The concept has long been called campaign flags. So if an event happens in one scenario, a campaign flag can be set and in another scenario this campaign flag can be retrieved and things change based upon it.


I'm envisioning one node in the General Specs to make this possible. It gets or puts a value from an SDF to a campaign flag. As for the number of campaign flags, I'm thinking 256 by 256 should suit our needs. Of course, we will need a way to record these to ensure that designers do not mix campaign flags.



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Or you could just tell players to keep their saves, and put a utility into OBoE to put a SDF from one save to another.


I have no idea how nodes work, but what stops you from using an external file? Something like:

<campaign name="Spheres">[[array of flags]]</campaign><campaign name="Adventurer's Club">...
That way, each designer can work without worrying about namespace collision.



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I'm trying to keep external files to a bare minimum, in other words one for the scenario author to worry about. Blades of Avernum's biggest weakness is having too many files to keep track of. Besides, with 2^16 (about 65k) different campaign flags, collision is quite unlikely so long as people are nice enough to say which ones they used as well as use more obscure ones like 127,68.


From a player's perspective, keeping the information in the party save file is easier. It is no effort on the part of the player.

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How could this possibly be done other than using save files? The flags have to pertain to a particular timeline of a particular party. If I clear VoDT and save it as Save A, then continue on to clear ASR and save it as Save B, then reopen Save A on go on to play ZKR, the game should have flags from completing VoDT but not ASR -- and that will only be the case if they are tied directly to the individual save file. In which case, they may as well be in the save file itself...

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