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Noob in need


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Sorry for bugging, but ive been playing spiderweb games for about three years now, and ive finally decided to make my own ive got a friend whos alright at scripting but hes moving so ill have to finish it off, and now im having trouble understanding how to make an NPC talk or how to make a special encounter, and also is there anyway to fix an NPC to one spot or atleast control where they wander in the town? BTW im using the BOA editor not BOE,so basically im a noob aspiring for non noob stuff...


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im having trouble understanding how to make an NPC talk

Is your question about how to create the dialogue, how to make the conversation start, or both? Have you read section 2.14 of the documentation? (It's quite understandable if you still have questions after having read that, but it's the right place to get started, at least.)

how to make a special encounter

I assume you already now about the 'Place Special Encounter Tool' in the editor, and that your question is more about the scripting side of it. I'm not sure how much of this you already know, but you've no doubt seen that each town of outdoor section (let's just say 'zone' to refer to either) in a scenario can have a script file. The script has a few parts: a line to say what kind of script it is, some description of what variables will be used in it, and code which is divided into states. Each state is just a piece of code that has a well-defined task and gets run as a block. Some states are run automatically by the game at various times (like when entering, leaving, and spending time in zones) and these have special labels (which are still just numbers actually) like START_STATE. The other states just have plain numbers (10, 20, 46, etc.) and only get run when you, the designer, say they should. The main way is by associating a state with a blue special encounter rectangle, so that it runs when the party enters the rectangle. So, the number you assign to a special encounter rectangle in the editor is exactly the number of the state in the zone's script which you want to be run. As for the code in the script states. . . there are a lot of things you can do. The best way to get started is probably to think of cases in scenarios you've played where a special encounter does something like what you want and read that encounter's code to find out how it did it. There's also a listing in one of the appendices to the documentation of all of the things that you can make a script do.

is there anyway to fix an NPC to one spot or atleast control where they wander in the town

If the NPC is using the standard default script ('basicnpc') then there's a very easy way: in the editor, set the NPC's first memory cell (number 0) to 1 (to make it stand still unless it needs to fight) or 2 (to make it stand still no matter what). That same script does limit how much it will wander (it won't normally go more than about 6 spaces from its starting point), and there are a lot of ways to make an NPC wander or move in a more controlled manner, so if you want something fancy you'll need to be more specific about what.

I hope some of this helps; scripting in BoA can be tricky but you can also get some pretty cool results if you stick with it to make it work. Welcome to spiderweb, please leave your sanity at the door. smile
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