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Stuck in the dream sequence in Redemption. Bug?

Prince of Kitties

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Yesterday I decided to replay Redemption, starting with a slightly souped up level 1 singleton. Worked out surprisingly well, and I'm now in the dream sequence. However, I've been wandering around the family house ("A homecoming (of sorts)") for a few hundred turns now, and I think it's about time for Andrus to pull me out and start trying to kill me again... Only he hasn't. It looks like the requisite special node never triggered.


(Also, the Eyebeast by the window, which should IIRC have disappeared after one turn, is still hanging around.)


This is the final version of Redemption, from the archived Lyceum. Am I looking at another special node bug in Classic BoE (playing the 5/2/2011 release right now, the latest one)? Or is this a known issue in the scenario?

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Assuming you've checked everything there and found that you cannot exit the front door, enter the bedroom and you are teleported to 40, 52 and are shown your future.

You're in a room with a pile of bones; "Look" at them and you're teleported to 51, 45 and you'll get the message, "I’m getting a little tired of this.... Maybe we’ll kill you now. All of us.”

Now you have to battle a version of Andrus that has the ability to split like Doom Guards. If you have the spell, "Anti-Magic Cloud", use it to prevent the splitting and you should be able to contain them, (him), and thus defeat them, (him).

Once you've won this battle a Portal will appear at 51, 43 where you'll be surrounded by more clones of your brother. The clone to the south is the important one. Once you've defeated them all, no Portal will appear, but an Amber Heart will appear at 10, 35.

Search for and find a Secret Passage at 10, 40 and you'll be teleported back to your bed.

Pleasant dreams ;^}


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