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ES Graphics/Updates Dump

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This is topic will be the colloquial fridge on which I stick my miscellaneous BoA stuff. Unless I lose this topic like I lost my last one, I'll be posting any future BoA things I make here. A horde of unreleased/unfinished stuff is stuck on a laptop without a graphics card, but hopefully I'll be able to salvage that later.






My intention for those raised platforms was to use them as large steps, but I haven't tried to figure out how to make that work yet.


Sneaky stuff I don't know if I ever posted:





As always, you can find all of my old junk on my website.

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These are actually quite nice. I think for the steps, it might suffice to only have the second "step" be the ramp; you can just have them always be surrounded by the first (or make "invisible" terrains that block "improper" movement). And, you can have the second "steps" use the terrain ability that lets a character walk "up" to 5 out of 8 bordering tiles. That should be enough for most purposes.

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