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I seem to be stuck


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I am at the point in the game where you can first go to Khemeria through the portal in the north part of Avadon. You start in the Dhorl Stead.


The problem is, I can't go anywhere else. I ran into the beast I'm supposed to kill, and he runs north. You run after him, and no new area is unlocked. I've completed all parts of this area, talked to all NPCs.


These are the quests I have in my log:

The Beast of Khemeria

Deal with Tartam

Blue Ore

Ahmed's Libram

The Wayfarer

Corrupted Circle


Any reason I can't go to any new areas? If I walk out of Dhorl Stead in any direction, the only place I can go is back to Dhorl Stead.



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