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Bandit Roads bug


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I was sneaking in bandit handout when i just happened to notice that the four wolves north of cultist audric isnt attacking. then i checked the other bandits and they got the '?' over them when i got near but they didnt move or attack. i did a quicksave and load from savepoint and no changes. then quit avadon. and restarted it. when i load from savepoint, all the bandits rushed to me and attack. that didnt end up too well, especially since my main is a shaman. good thing i got another savepoint not too far back.

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If an enemy has a ? over them, it means that they suspect you are around. They become more alert over time, and eventually they will attack. This mechanic allows you to sometimes sneak past enemies you don't want to fight.


It sounds like they were getting suspicious in your game and then you saved right before they were going to switch from passive-mode to attack-mode. Unless I'm misunderstanding, I doubt this was a bug. You just saved at an unfortunate moment. Good thing you had a backup!

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