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I finished all six Avernums!

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After playing Avernum 4-6, I bought the original trilogy CD. I am now officially done with, in order: Avernum 2, 3, and 1! I chose not to kill Emperor Hawthorne at the end of 1, knowing

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it would start a war between Avernum and the Empire.


There is a poll on the Spiderweb Software boards about which Avernum is your favorite. I now understand why 2 and 1 rate so highly! The stories are really, really good. In A1, you're experiencing a new world, and it feels like it. In A2, you're off in an unknown part of the caves, and it really feels like it. Avernum 4-6 feel much less wild in retrospect; you're mostly going to known cities and settled caves, with a little exploring around the edges.


I don't understand the relative hating on Avernum 3, however. I found the changing environment to be frightening and stimuating at the same time. I couldn't waste time running (for example) courier errands - monsters were destroying people and cities! There was a bit of a disconnect:

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the party was sent to investigate and disrupt the empire, but ended up helping empire citizens survive.
The graphics on the surface are, for the engine used, gorgeous. Jeff really worked to make the contrast between Avernum and the surface stand out. The colors are almost blinding the first time you step out of the caves! The subversion of the unicorn myth was hysterical. Buying a house was oddly satisfying for me. Note to purchasers: try out the curse on the property!


The hint books continue to be well worth the purchase. There is a spell that shows you parts of the map you haven't explored, but it's no substitute for "go to B and move the mirror to C" and good world maps.


Jeff has discussed doing a refresh of the original series with the new engine. If he decides to, the stories can certainly carry newer graphics.


If you enjoyed A4-A6, download a demo of A2 and play it to see if you like it. If so, I highly recommend buying the A1-A3 trilogy CD and hint books!

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