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Mac Editor v1.0.9


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At Celtic Minstrel's request, here's an editor update.


This version fixes several small bugs that were floating around from last time, and includes a couple of small improvements:

  • Fixed the terrain script highlight drawing bug, hopefully once and for all.
  • Fixed redrawing after changes from lower left text line functions.
  • Fixed bugs affecting selecting special rectangles outdoors and town entrances.
  • Changed 'Reload Scenario Data' to properly reload corescendata first.
  • Contained items are no lnonger drawn in the 'realistic' view mode.
  • The editor is now less conservative about forcing items to be contained, it will now only automatically change an items containment if the item moves into or out of a container.

A bit of a roadmap for what's likely to happen next, for anyone who cares: I've been working on some major changes which will extend the undo system throughout the editor. The intention is that every operation except the big, direct file alterations (adding and deleting towns, changing the outdoor size or a town's size) should be able to be undone. I'm maybe a quarter of the way through this, as I've implemented about half of the logic for rolling back different types of changes, but little of that is yet wired up to actually be used. Something else I've been wanting for sometime is to include Sparkle in the editor, so that I don't have to pester everyone with these threads. Particularly since thoroughly testing a finished Sparkle setup will be easier with a newer release (for Sparkle to notice and update to), I'm planning to do the Sparkle stuff first, then then put in the full undo system and any fixes to the updater mechanism.

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