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Northern Isles Appendix


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This appendix contains lists of attributes, items, and other game concepts.


List of Artifacts


Crystal Spire: Once per holder, if you are attacked by an enemy and would have lost, you will perceive the attack and flee. When holding this, Gladwell can learn your identity. Beware.

Flaming Sword: +2 skill when attacking and all opponent's skill from armor and any derived skill bonuses are negated. (weapon)

Fury Crossbow: If correct ID made during an attack, +2 skill and the skill bonus of all positive status effects except berserk is doubled (bow)

Holy Symbol: +1 additional skill when defending. Instantly cures all negative statues effects including poison and dread curse.

Shadow Leather: If you have stealth attribute, are attacked by a role without the stealth attribute, and would have lost the battle defensively, you ambush your opponent as the attacker. No bonuses or penalties dealing with identification apply.


Artifacts all have a value of 40 coins.


List of Attributes


Anama: Membership to Anama faction

Archer: +1 skill if you have a bow

Bound: Membership of Gladwell faction. If Gladwell alive, +3 skill. If Gladwell dead, skill is decreased by 25% rounded down.

Darkside Loyalist: Member of Darkside Loyalist faction. +1 skill. Additional +1 skill if attacking and identifying target correctly.

Mage: +1 skill, gains no bonus from weapons or bows, and opponent receives no armor defensive bonus, may not join the Anama

Merchant: Trades do not count as tasks, if attacked you will flee, may not join factions

Stealth: +2 skill when attacking, gains no defensive bonus from armor

Undead: status removed via resurrection.

Warrior: weapons apply both offensively and defensively, +1 skill if opponent does not have mage attribute

Weak: 50% skill rounded down when attacking.


List of Faction Effects




* You receive the Anama attribute.

* All Anama learn you have joined, and you learn who all the other Anama are. Roles are NOT revealed.

* You share any potions, objects, and coins with all other Anama members.

* You get an extra task: Build Shrine. You may build a piece the Anama Shrine for 25 coins. (Eight pieces needed to complete)

* You receive an extra victory condition: The Anama Shrine gets built.

* You become enemies with all those with the mage or bound attribute.

* You may not attack another Anama member.




* You receive the Bound attribute.

* Gladwell learns your role and can access your inventory as if it were his own.

* If Gladwell dies, you keep the Bound attribute.

* You become enemies with anyone who is enemies of Gladwell.


Darkside Loyalists


* You receive the Darkside Loyalist attribute.

* You know the identity of the other Darkside Loyalist.

* You receive all coins and items from any kills.

* You may not explore regions.

* You know the location of the Loyalist Hideout. If a person explores that location, they learn its location and become your enemy; you learn the unlucky explorer's nationality and faction.

* When you are attacked, the attacker must identify the location of the hideout or the attacker has skill set to 50% rounded down.


List of Items


In parentheses, an approximate frequency of items appearing is given along with the base value. The base value is used by merchants to determine item value.


Equipment, Weapons


Sword: +1 skill when attacking (C - 10)

Mace: +1 skill when attacking, additional +1 if attacking target with mage attribute (U - 20)

Spear: +1 skill when attacking, additional +1 if attacking target without mage attribute (U - 20)


Equipment, Bows


Cavewood Bow: +1 skill when attacking and identifying target correctly (C - 10)

Composite Longbow: +2 skill when attacking and identifying target correctly (U - 30)


Equipment, Armor


Leather Armor: +1 skill when defending against someone without mage attribute (C - 10)

Chainmail: +2 skill when defending against someone without mage attribute (U - 30)

Magic Ring: +1 skill when defending if you have the mage attribute (U - 10)


Equipment, Shields


Buckler: Reduce opponent's skill by up to 1 from weapons or bows (C - 10)

Shield: Reduce opponent's skill by up to 3 from weapons or bows (U - 30)




Antidote: Removes poisoned status. (C - 10)

Haste Potion: Gain hasted status. (R - 30)

Healing Potion: Removes all negative status effects except poison or dread curse. (C - 10)

Heroic Brew: Skill +25% rounded down when used in conjunction with an attack. (U - 20)

Knowledge Brew: Permanent increase of base skill +1. (R - 30)

Poison Potion: Can inflict target with poisoned status. (U - 20)

Potion of Clarity: Gain enlightenment status. (C - 10)

Resistance Potion: Gain resistance status. (C - 20).

Resurrection Balm: Raise one character from the dead. (R - 40)

Skribbane: Receive berserk status and gain weak attribute permanently. (C - 10)




Blessing Crystal: Target receives the blessed status. (C - 10)

Box of Traps - When used, you are surrounded by traps. Anyone who attacks you in the next 24 hours will have skill reduced by 50%. (R - 30)

Disruption Shard: Target receives the confused status. (U - 20)

Explorer's Charm: Explore a location of your choice for free when used. (C - 10)

Eye of Hawk: Target receives the sharpshooter status. (C - 10)

Ivory Skull: Target receives weakened status. (U - 20)

Null Rod: Target receives dumbfounded status. (U - 10)

Scroll of Slow: When used in conjunction with an attack opponent has skill decreased by 25% rounded up. (U - 30)

Shielding Crystal: Target receives protected status. (U - 20)

Wand of Death: Target receives dread curse status. (R - 40)




Flawless Crystal: Used by some characters for crafting. (C - 25)

Herbs: Used by some characters for crafting. (C - 15)

Research Notes: If used by a mage, permanent increase of skill +1. Each mage may only get this benefit twice. (R - 30)


C = Common, 2+ per game

U = Uncommon, 1-2 per game

R = Rare, 0-1 per game


List of Regions


Abandoned Mine

Crystal Cove

Dead Swamp

Enchanted Cave*

Fang Clan Tunnels*

Fang Clan Village

Gladwell's Tower*

Haunted Hut

Lizard Den

Mushroom Farms

Northern Docks

Old Warren

Remote Island

Ruined Outpost

Shanker's Tower*

Shanker's Ruins

Shanker's Mine

Stalagmite Field

Sulphurous Alcove

Webbed Cavern


* These areas have a higher probability of having artifacts.


List of Statuses


Berserk: +5 skill when attacking or defending, weak attribute does not apply, enemies with everyone for duration of status

Blessed: +1 skill when attacking or defending

Confused: No actions are validated until this status wears off.

Dread Curse: You will die in 24 hours or at the end of the game unless you touch the holy symbol.

Dumbfounded: -2 skill if you have the mage attribute

Enlightened: +2 skill if you have the mage attribute

Hasted: When this skill wears off, another action is allowed to validate.

Protected: +2 skill when defending

Poisoned: You will die in 24 hours unless this effect is cured by either using an Antidote or the Anama Priest.

Resistant: +2 skill when opponent is a mage

Sharpshooter: +1 skill when attacking with a bow

Warded: If you are attacked and have at least 50% of your opponent's skill, you will flee rather than die.

Weakened: -2 skill when attacking


List of Structures


Anama Shrine: Built, in sections, by an Anama member, and is completed after eight sections are built. Each section is 20 coins for the Anama Priest, 25 coins for other Anama. When fully built, all Anama get skill +1, all mages get skill -1. Destroyed if all Anama are dead.


Commerce Plaza: Built by the engineer with the help of a merchant and consumes 80 coins. Everyone gains the task of trading one item once per game for double base value in coins. The patron receives credit for the trade and half the base value in coins. Win restricted* to the patron and the three players with the highest wealth (coins plus worth of items). Destroyed if the engineer dies and the attendant merchant dies or flees in battle.


Herb Grove: Located in three random non-faction locations. This is found during the course of exploration. Can be used by the alchemist to get herbs.


Gladwell's Tower: Built by Gladwell if he reclaims his tower (requires he or one of his servants to explored the location for Gladwell's Tower and Gladwell to have an offensive skill of at least 10). Gladwell receives skill +2 and gets five items from the sealed storage. Destroyed if Gladwell is dead.


Loyalist Hideout: Is hidden on a random location that is not affiliated with the Fang Clan, Gladwell, or Shanker. If this location is explored, that person learns of its existence. The Darkside Loyalists learn the nationality and faction of the explorer who found it. When attacking a Darkside Loyalist, the attacker must identify the location of the Loyalist Hideout or receive a 50% rounded down penalty to his or her attack skill. Destroyed if all Darkside Loyalists are dead.


Obelisk: Built by the engineer with the help of another mage besides Gladwell and consumes four flawless crystals. The assisting mage receives base skill +3. Win restricted* to mages excluding Gladwell. Destroyed if the engineer dies and the assisting mage dies or flees in battle.


Radiant Spa: Built by the engineer with the help of either faction leader, Gladwell or the Anama Priest, and consumes an artifact. The assisting faction leader a task allowing him or her to give others the warding status. Win restricted* to all those in the faction. Destroyed if the engineer dies and the assisting faction leader dies or flees in battle.


Shanker's Lab: When built, Shanker receives two research notes immediately and one more at the start of each day. Destroyed if Shanker dies.


*For the three engineer structures, the overall win restriction is the union of all the win restrictions. In other words, the more structures the engineer builds, the more potential people that can win.

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Minor typo in the anama section: "amana." Also, the wording of the * section about engineering structures seems like it's missing a word in the first sentence. "For the three engineer structures, the overall win restriction (is?) the union of all the win restrictions."


Are structures announced when they are built?

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