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Contest Winners from best to worst


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I've asked a few people via AIM, but I thought I'd also survey people here. So, we've had ten contests so far, the winners were: Tatterdemalion, Redemption, Masks, Falling Stars, Quintessence, Emulations, Tomorrow, Bahssikava (BoA), Echoes: Renegade (BoA), and Frostbite (BoA). How would you rank these scenarios from best to worst. My list is somewhat still in progress, as I'm still debating whether Quint or Frostbite is better (once I play Quint again i'll know), and I'm not sure where FS should fit just yet. However...


1. Redemption

2. Tatterdemalion

3. Masks

4. Emulations

5. Tomorrow

6. Quintessence (?)

7. Frostbite (?)

8. Echoes: Renegade

9. Bahssikava


This is just an opinion poll, nothing official


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