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Stuck in Deadly Goblins


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Hi there. I'm relaively new to Blades of Exile, and i've een playing the Deadly Goblins Scenario. It's quite fun, in spite of its extraordinarily difficult battles. I've managed to beat them all, and the boss goblin, but now i'm suck in the goblin hideout without anyway to get out. There are some locked doors which the Unlock spell wont seem to work on, and the main gate that i cant find the password to.


Can someone give me some pointers?

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You need to find four Power Crysals and place them on the runes around the portal. the portal will then be charged enough for you to use it.


The Power Crystals are located in:

a dresser in the barracks

in a chest in 'item augamentation' room

in a bookshelf in the room where the wizard summoned the pyroshade.

in the storage room for alchemical ingredients (past where you killed the wizard)


Thank you for playing. Happy hunting!

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