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Character Editor problems


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Hm. That's still not very specific. Can you send me (niemandcw at gmail dot com) a copy of a savefile that this happens with, and tell me one of the actions that causes quitting? Also, is there no message whatsoever? Is there anything printed to the system logs (check in Console.app) that looks related? Also, I assume that running Panther means that you're on a PowerPC system. While that's different from mine, it shouldn't matter, since the application has to be compiled for PowerPC anyway, and I'm the one who's running it under emulation.

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Recieved your email, Bain. The savefile was slightly corrupted, in that the type and creator codes had been stripped off, but that probably happened in transmission because you didn't compress it. I tested adding and removing spells, changing gold, and changing alchemy recipes, and raising and lowering skills, all with no ill effects. So, the problem is not your file, but how the character editor runs on your computer, and unless I can get more detailed information about what is happening (stack traces, error messages, or something), I can't do much to help. If you can tell me a specific feature which triggers the effect, I can hopefully prepare a special build with instrumentation of that code path to try to find out what's happening.

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