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OBoE Win32 Conceal_Ability flag fixed


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seeing in the Compiled Suggestion List that the Conceal_Ability flag was broken, i browse the code a bit and found that it wasn't hard to fix. So i did.


- What was wrong :


In the Scenario Editor, giving an item the Conceal_Ability flag, add 32 to its unsigned char item_properties (putting sixth bit to 1 : xx1xxxxx with x=0 or 1). No problem with the editor then.


The problem was that nothing was done with this value in the game code (it wasn't even defined).


- A fix :


First we defines the Conceal_ability flag in ITEM.h :


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#ifndef _ITEM_H

#define _ITEM_H


#include "location.h"


/* item_properties: */


0000 0001 identified

0000 0010 someone's property

0000 0100 magic

0000 1000 contained in sth

0001 0000 cursed

0010 0000 concealed

0100 0000 <not used>

1000 0000 <not used>








#define ITEM_PROP_CONCEALED 32 //defines the conceal_ability flag


struct item_record_type {

short variety, item_level;

char awkward, bonus, protection, charges, type, magic_use_type;

unsigned char graphic_num,ability, ability_strength, type_flag, is_special,a;

short value;

unsigned char weight, special_class;

location item_loc;

char full_name[25], name[15];

unsigned char treas_class, item_properties, reserved1, reserved2;


/* functions */

bool isIdent() const; /* is identified ? */

bool isMagic() const; /* is magic ? */

bool isContained() const; /* is contained in sth ? */

bool isCursed() const; /* is cursed ? */

bool isProperty() const; /* is someones property? */

bool isConcealed() const; /* is the item ability to be concealed ? */





then we defines in ITEM.cpp the isConcealed() function we've just declared :


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bool item_record_type::isConcealed() const


if (item_properties & ITEM_PROP_CONCEALED) return true;

else return false;




finally we modifies in INFOGLGS.cpp the function put_item_info() which creates and display items info :


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if (s_i.ability > 0) {////

GetIndString(desc_str,23,s_i.ability + 1);

cd_set_item_text(998,12,(char *) desc_str);


if (s_i.isConcealed()){cd_set_item_text(998,12,"???");} //check if the item ability is to be concealed and print "???" in ability if so


GetIndString(desc_str,23,s_i.ability + 1); //else it display the item ability as usual

cd_set_item_text(998,12,(char *) desc_str); //note : common items weren't displaying the "No ability" string. It is restored here.




and the Conceal_Ability flag will works.


Not part of the fix, a little cosmetic change that could be made is to display "???" in ability when the item is not identified (it actually displays nothing). Here is the code to do so (always in INFODLGS.cpp) :


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if (s_i.isIdent() == false) {

cd_set_item_text(998,3, s_i.name);

cd_set_item_text(998,12, "???"); // cosmetic change, display ??? in ability when the item isn't identified





Here it goes,


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