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  1. I have tried the sequence and it doesn't work. I've gone back to the main floor hoping to reset, and it still doesn't work. I'm stuck. The only thing I'm wondering about is that I found the tower while exploring the island. I've never talked to the Mage with No Name. I hope I don't have to find him and do this all again. I went back and talked to the Mage and then everything worked. I don't know exactly what did the trick, but it worked.
  2. Thanks! I have done it once before by luck I guess. Couldn't remember how. I'll go save my party!
  3. Okay, I've gotten to the Upper Golem factory, used the control panel to do what the "hints" guide suggested. But I can't get past the quad beans that run through the middle. They never seem to turn off. I suppose my party will be here forever (sigh).
  4. I have already played through this game once with no problems. This time around, the game freezes in the temple of Aetius. Same spot every time. I have to restart my Mac to get going again. Any ideas?
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