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  1. Is there any easy way to add custom graphics to the editor? Or are there thread explaining it step by step? I mean if i download 30 images containing lets say 4-8 sprites each , do i have to compile them all in 1 image? with the grid system w.e how that works? or can i just ask the editor to load all those images? Or do i need to code that in? Kinda confused at this.
  2. Cool, thanks for the swift reply, still surprised people are still interested in this hehe , even me is surprised im still amazed at coming back to it lol.
  3. So, I have looked at alooooooot of websites in my effort of trying to find the less frustrating editor to work with and i came across this one Scenario editor It is powerful for the simple reason that u can go fullscreen and see your whole terrain at once, I guess it was abandonned back in 2009 though and the editor can only place terrain, which i'm gonna use to modify outdoor terrain but for all the rest I guess i'm gonna have to use the original editor? I have checked that other editor from Ormus or whatever and it didnt seem to have changed much ( visual-wise) Have you guys got to get anything good set up on your sides or has it always being like that?
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