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  1. I checked these out on Steam and decided to put Age of Decadence and Underrail on my wishlist. Thank you! I'll pick these up during the next sale. Lords of Xulima reminded me too much of the Wizardry series, which was not my style and a little too frustrating for my tastes. Eschalon seems kinda cool, but I was turned off by only controlling one character - heard reports on the repetitiveness of battles. Did you find differently?
  2. So I've finally finished most of the modern Spiderweb games, including Avernum 1-6, Avadon 1-2, and the Avernum 1-2 remakes. I think I will eventually play the Geneforge games as remakes when they come out - might as well take advantage of the updates and modern UI conveniences. Anyone have recommendations for other indie games that may scratch that same sort of Spiderweb itch? I've played a lot of the CRPG classics, like Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale series, Planescape, Arcanum, Fallouts, etc. But some newer ones (last 10 years or so) may have passed me by. I apologize if it's not cool to mention other games here, but I figure it should be OK, since we're probably all going to play the next Spiderweb game when it comes out, so we need something between releases
  3. Thanks again. I've started, and so far it's a blast. The opening sequence was a good intro to what looks like heavy political intrigue. Another mechanics question. It seems like Defense and Parry now both just give 3% evasion chance. Is there any difference? How do they stack up vs. Gymnastics (in terms of defensive power)?
  4. Thanks a lot, that was very helpful! One more quick question - do you know what skills the 10 cap applies to? I believe in past games, once a skill hit 10, further increases would only have half effect, but this didn't apply to some skills.
  5. I'm nearing the end of Avernum 4 (like the new engine, but the plot seems a bit of a retread), and am looking ahead at the much-lauded Avernum 5. Before creating a party, I have a few questions that didn't seem to be explicitly covered in Strategy Central or the gamefaq by Matt P: - Does Anatomy work with ranged weapons? - Are Blademaster and Sharpshooter functionally the same as adding a point to Melee/Pole and Bows/Thrown, or do they provide a better bonus to damage? (I know Blademaster helps with fatigue recovery as well) - Is Lethal Blow the equivalent of Assassination in previous Avernum games? As in, does it only work on lower-leveled targets? - Is Parry as powerful as it was in Avernum 4? Does it work on ranged and targeted magic attacks like it did in A4? - Does Luck do anything except boost Hostile Effect Resistance? Does it boost to-hit or damage? Are there any special encounters or secrets revealed when you have decent Luck? I'm trying to keep myself spoilers-free, but I definitely want to understand the mechanics better before diving in. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Lilith! It's weird that Vogel seemed to have gone to some amount of trouble in Avernum 4 to try to make stats more transparent, but in the end it's just as confusing as in the first 3 games!
  7. Another question, if people don't mind. I saw on one of the Strategy Central posts that training Sharpshooter is unlocked with 6 Dexterity and 8 Bows or Thrown. My Nephil has 7 Dex (naked) and 12 Bows, but still can't train in Sharpshooter. He has some Sharpshooter from the Deadeye trait, but can't train it at all. Anyone know what the real scoop is?
  8. Thanks ξ & Jerakeen! Amusingly enough, much of the info about luck in that link seem to be later contradicted here: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/6820-queer-parry-results/ Basically, luck doesn't seem to factor into real Armor or resistances at all, despite the numbers going up in the stat screen. I assume that this is the latest info on that subject and can be trusted?
  9. Thanks for the responses, guys! Is there any place where the mechanics are spelled out? I'm confused, for instance, by exactly how much Dexterity and Strength contribute to hit % and damage. In A3, Strength + Weapon Skill were the same in terms of damage, adding another "die roll". Is that the case in A4? And how much does Intelligence, Mage/Priest Spells, Spellcraft, and Spell Level increase power of spells? Is each point the same, or do some influence the power more than others? I've looked at the GameFaqs (Matt P and Relle), but they don't seem to really know the underlying mechanics too well either.
  10. I'm posting this here because I recently completed Avernum 3 and don't want to be spoiled at all on the second Avernum trilogy, and even the subject headings in the 2nd trilogy forum seem spoilerish! What are the main gameplay differences between Avernum 4 and the first trilogy? I'm about to start a new game, but I'd like to know if there are any significant differences in how things work before putting a party together.
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